Welcome to Vulgardragon's Den!
Welcome to Vulgardragon's Den!
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Pennywise Bill Skarsgard "It" Color Metal Art Print
Vulgardragon's Den

Pennywise Bill Skarsgard "It" Color Metal Art Print

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Our Pennywise drawing, but on a 12x16 aluminum sheet!

Originally done with mechanical pencil and sharpie we've just taken it and had it transferred to aluminum. All handmade, the process is the same process used to make soda cans. 

The hand colored ones are usually done 1 at a time. They usually take about 4 hours to color.  They are usually made to order.

This version of Pennywise is Hand colored on top of the aluminum to add depth! When paired with the Tim Curry Pennywise half, they create a full balloon!

There are many ways to hang/display:
- Display Ledge
- Mirror Clips
- Command Strips
- Frame with no glass